Unknown-2General description: NOVAMEN is a member of ACIES Consulting Group (SME) and has contributed to the Framework Program for over 12 years. Our expertise is in the organisation and the management of collaborative research for the benefit of innovation. We assist and advise private and public stakeholders in the strategic and operational management of their collaborative research programs, with a particular focus on the European Commission Framework Program. Our team provides a unique combination of multidisciplinary skills in scientific, technological, economic, financial, marketing, fiscal, legal and managerial fields.

Website: www.novamen.eu

Expertise: NOVAMEN has a proven track record in the design, implementation and the management of complex and large European research programs. On the basis of a professional management system and in-depth knowledge of the European context for collaborative research, we assist many consortia in the management of 2 to 5 years projects, made up of 5 to 35 European partners and with budgets ranging from €2.5 to €50 million.

Other EU Projects: NOVAMEN is currently management Partner in 14 FP7 projects in the Health, KBBE, ICT, Transport and Energy themes. They are RESOLVE (305707), DO-HEALTH (ECGA 278588), SeaBioTech (ECGA 311932), INOMANS²HIP (ECGA 266082), CUTHIVAC (ECGA 241904), MODHEP (ECGA 259743), TransCard (ECGA 305495), DARTRIX (ECGA 278580), IMAGINT (ECGA 259881), SYBILLA (ECGA 201106), SPIDIA (ECGA 222916)