UnknownGeneral description: The AMC is an academic hospital with approximately 8600 employees and a budget of 900 million euro/year. With respect to patient care, 360.000 patients are being treated per year with over 700.000 admissions/outpatient clinic visits and treatment episodes. In research, the AMC produces 185 PhD theses per year, 6800 publications per year and approximately 60 patent applications per year. Areas of major interest are cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and infection/immunity. The ranking of the AMC/University of Amsterdam is 7th at the list of top European institutions on medical research and 59th world ranking Times higher education, with yearly 8123 papers, 150269 citations and 18,50 citations per paper. Website: www.amc.nl Expertise: The main PIs (Kastelein/Stroes) from the department of vascular medicine have a longstanding track record in the field of Novel therapies & Surrogate markers in Atherosclerosis. They have been involved in evaluating lipid lowering strategies for many years, including pivotal statin trials (TNT, IDEAL, ENHANCE) to the development of novel lipid-modulating therapies throughout phase I to III trials (apoB antisense, LPL gene therapy, CETP inhibitiors, DGAT inhibitors). They serve as a tertiary referral clinic for extreme lipid disorders. They have been instrumental in setting up a nation-wide screening program for familial hypercholesterolemia, which has now identified > 24,000 patients with familial hypercholesterolemia in the Netherlands. Facilities: The department of Vascular medicine has unlimited access to the largest bio- and DNA bank for individuals with autosomal dominant hypercholesterolemia (>60.000 samples; LDL cholesterol >the 95th percentile for age and gender). In addition, the AMC has a large collection of families with extreme levels of triglycerides with/without LPL mutations, cohorts of patients with inherited low (ABCA1/LCAT) and high (CETP) HDLc levels.

Other EU Projects: Stroes E: Nano-Athero (FP7): development of nanotherapeutics for Atherosclerotic disease (2012), Nieuwdorp M: RESOLVE (FP7- ECGA 305707); 2012: study the role of glucose and lipid fluxes in overfeeding before and after bariatric surgery. M. Nieuwdorp: mynewgut (FP7)