Logo_Rigshospitalet_lilleGeneral description: Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, University of Copenhagen is the largest academic teaching hospital in Denmark. It hosts 7500 employees and teaches a broad spectrum of different students. Research lead by professor Anne Tybjærg-Hansen at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry will be involved in TransCard.

Website: http://www.rigshospitalet.dk.

Expertise: 1) Establishment of the genetic component of common multifactorial disease with emphasis on cardiovascular disease and related diseases: 2) Determine causality for intermediate traits by using genetic variation with effects on these traits, so-called Mendelian randomization.

Facilities: The databases and biobanks including DNA, and biochemical and clinical information on all individuals in the Copenhagen City Heart Study (CCHS, n=10,500) and Copenhagen Ischemic Heart Disease Study (CIHDS, n=10,000) are already established and managed at the central office of CCHS, which continuously updates disease endpoints and mortality data. All DNA samples are organized in 96-well masterplates, ready for automated procedures in 384-well format. Methods for high-throughput genotyping, gene-screening, and Sanger sequencing are routine in our lab, and a next generation sequencing platform (Illumina MiSeq) is currently under implementation.

Other EU Projects: HDLomics (FP6 – Contract no.: 037631)