General description: PolyQuant GmbH was founded in 1999 in Regensburg in Germany under the former name ‘Entelechon’. PolyQuant is focused on quantitative proteomics, biomarkers search, protein analytics and protein expression. It owns the patented platform technology QconCAT for the absolute multiplex quantification of proteins.

 Website: www.polyquant.com

 Expertise: The PolyQuant team has been working in proteomics since 2005. As part of these efforts, the team has gathered significant expertise in designing protein quantification assays, reference standards for such assays, in performing quantitative protein analysis and in analyzing and correlating the resultant data with other quantification methods, such as transcriptomics data.

 Facilities: PolyQuant maintains 300sqm of laboratory, outfitted both for molecular biological work, and protein expression and analysis. The protein facility is equipped with a laminar flow hood, bioreactors, cell culture incubators, and chromatography units.

 Other EU Projects: PolyQuant has participated in the DECanBIO project (Discovery and Evaluation of Cancer Biomarkers; FP7-HEALTH2008, ECGA 201333) which has ended in summer 2012.